Who is Urcan Makina ?

Urcan Makina is spare part and service provider for mobile cranes, tower cranes and lifting equipment with 25 years of experience.

What brands does Urcan Makina can provide parts and service ?

We can service European, Japanese and Chinese cranes. Please check brands page for more details.

Do you sell original parts ?

Yes, all the parts we are provided are original spare parts. According to availability or the customer request we may provide OEM/Aftermarket parts as well.

We have a crane where there is no easy access ? Can you provide service ?

Yes, our service team can provide service. We are travelling more than 70 countries in the world.

Can Urcan Makina provide operator / service training ?

Yes, we can provide operator and service training. As well as assembly training as per to request.

We have a lifting equipment and we will move it somewhere else. Can Urcan Makina help us ?

Yes, depending on the equipment we can provide disassembly, transportation and assembly offer.

We have a broken/damaged boom section. Can Urcan Makina assist us to repair the boom ?

Yes, depending on the damage we can repair the boom section even it is telescopic section or lattice boom section. If the damage can not be virepaired, we can manufacture a new boom.

We also provide used sections.

We need counterweights for our SuperLift/MegaLift ? How can Urcan Makina help us ?

Yes, we can manufacture counterweights for your crawler crane or mobile crane. We have 3 different size of counterweights 7.5t, 10t and 12.5t available.

We need steel outrigger pads. How can Urcan Makina help us ?

Yes. We are manufacturer of PadTech steel outrigger pads. Please contact our sales department for details.